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For me, the essence of NEWT is all about community, bringing people of like minds together for a joint purpose. Whether this is going on wildlife walks, facilitating new habitats, creating art, tidying up the local area, working creatively to produce film and photographs or just meeting for a chat and a brew.

NEWT is a community group with a heart and with real a passion to make a difference. We all support each other with our own interests and go the extra mile to link with new and existing volunteers. I have met so many fantastic people, since joining the group and enjoyed the camaraderie immensely.

NEWT is not just a community group, it is a family and all are welcome to join in the fun!


Why NEWT started >

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I started NEWT after being  the publicist for multiple conservation groups. Being able to not only host events but encouraging kids to engage with their local green spaces has been a privilege.


What NEWT means to me >

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Being able to volunteer my time, my photography to make Breightmet a better place.


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