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100 Family Grow kits - May of 2020

In May of 2020, we applied for grant funding from the CVS that would help spread information about Covid19, encourage people to safely carry out exercise but also bring together the community in a shared project. That idea was 100 family grow kits and it was utterly exhausting.. lol

We had to purchase seeds, pots and soil but unfortunatley the prices of everything had not just trippled in price by the time we got the funding, they had increased five fold. A simple packet of 50p seeds now sold for £5, basic 400 pots which previously sold for £20 now sold for £80, through relentless website surfing and going direct to the companys we managed to obtain 400 pots (I gave an extra 200 out of my own pocket), the seeds was hit and miss. Have you ever tried to seperate 100 alpine strawberry seeds compared to 100 radish seeds?? When we told the public about the kits, within 2 hours every single box had been allocated, despite telling people they had all gone for the next two days requests continued to come in. On the 9th May, the kit went out to families with help and support from Stuart, Jodie, Leanne, Gavin, myself, Adele, Sue and Simon.

The publics response was fantastic, making the hardwork and effort of all the volunteers to put together our very first grow kits greatly appreciated.

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