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Ideas for landmark art #1

Once the bridge footings are cleared, the idea is to make it into a landmark to visit and/or a tranquil place to sit. It would be lovely to try and echo its origins with the railway somehow. Sion identified today that the footings themselves would be great as seating. The aim therefore would be to dig down as low as we can, so that they are raised from the ground. Between the footings are some quite large logs/trunks of trees and so these would need working around, with any art work.

Here are some ideas so far, but this is not an exhaustive list:

1. Between the footings cement with foot tacks in, possibly ranging from children in the area to older people who remember the bridge as it was. I also like the idea of embedding objects from the industrial era. E.g. like these iron shoe lasts or memorabilia from the railway.

2. Use railway sleepers somehow, in between the footings and/or as uprights to add height.

3. Create a tile mosaic between the footings. This could include black tiles to make railways tracks and photographs printed on tiles of how the old bridge looked. We could do with some more detailed photographs of it.

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