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Where Barbie lost her head.....and it wasn't to Ken

Today we worked on Bolton NEWT's second project - the clearing of rubbish and fly-tipping from Blackshaw Brook. Over the years plastic sheeting, plastic bags, rope and a shopping trolley, to name but a few, have contributed to the brook damming up.

The brook had already been cleared of a great deal but there was still a lot of work to do. It was a real joy to be out in the sun, working with such a great team of people. If you are interested in volunteering and joining in, then please do not hesitate to contact Bolton NEWT.

Headless Barbie symbolises how people have lost their way in recent times, indicated by the rubbish that we found in such a beauty spot. Why do people unthinkingly spoil the natural habitat of so many wonderful creatures?

The video and pictures below show how clear it is now. There is still work to do though, further along. Happy days!

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