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Hey ho! Hey ho! Thank you George Cox foundation

After applying to the George Cox Foundation, a charity established by the Farnworth-based civil engineering firm, we have recieved a £250 donation of tools. This is fantastic news!

On Saturday 8th July we collected the tools from Ann-Marie O'Connor (office manager at George Cox). These essential tools will help volunteers manage Leverhulme Park for our first year, with future projects covering the entire Kingfisher Trail.

A really big thank you to Ann-Marie O’Connor, the staff at George Cox and of course George Cox & Sons Ltd.

Ann-Marie commented:

"The George Cox trust was set up in 2013 to help local charities by donating funds towards their greatest need or providing labour for projects in and around the North West. We pride ourselves in helping charities that may not be as well known and really need the funding. Since it started we have donated over £30,000 towards various projects including transforming a garden for a child with a rare condition, donations towards children’s charities such as One Upon a Smile and Derain House, fixing a boiler for a group of Brownies, paying for a hog roast and climbing wall at a summer fete so all monies taken are profit and many more.

Being a wildlife and conservation fan myself, I was more than happy to put their request to our committee. We wish NEWTS good luck with their future projects."

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