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Delayed by a frog!

On Sunday 16th July NEWT continued their attack on the Himalayan Balsam. This is going to be a long term project but we have made great progress. Liam and Simon joined the NEWT team and Simon erected a simple shelter, just in case the weather turned against us. Using the slashers is great exercise and you feel a nice sense of accomplishment also know that the weed has been pushed back.

We then had a bite to eat and packed up to go to our next location, by the river. At this point Ann-Marie joined us with her camera, ready for the butterfly survey and pebble towers on the beach. On the way we were startled by a large frog who crossed our path, he also kindly posed for us keen photographers.

Chris was keen to crack on to the river, we shouted "But we were delayed by a frog". Chris responded "That's no excuse!". Haha

On the survey, Natalie was in charge of recording the species and Simon, Jasmine and Ann-Marie were taking photos and then using the charts to identify species.

Simon and Ann-Marie took some lovely photos during this time. The first six here are Ann-Marie's and the last 5 are Simon's.

Shanna also joined us in the afternoon and learnt what NEWT was all about and she also joined in the pebble tower building and took this photo of me and my tower.

What beautiful weather and a lovely way to spend a Sunday. Maybe we should have kissed the frog!

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