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In the lens of the beholder...

This morning two NEWT members, Jasmine and Simon, were lucky enough to go out on a photography jaunt with professional photographer Dave (Johno) Johnson. Johno gave us some tips on depth of field, lenses to use for different scenarios and ideas for composition and processing, to name but a few.

When the sun is in and the animals are hiding away, getting a little more creative with shots out on Moses Gate is challenging but also really interesting. Johno could be found sprawling on the floor to get the best shot and it seems this is the stance of a great photographer, either that or craning up or around an object to obtain a better angle.

Here are a small selection of Johno's. Spot the use of HDR (hyper-dynamic range) in the landscapes - dramatic!

Simon also shot some fabulous close ups. My favourite is this hanging bee.

I (Jasmine) was really experimenting with depth of field and also using the camera to paint or give an impression of a subject by blurring on purpose (honest!).

Thank you for a lovely morning walk, Johno!

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