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Lose a spare tyre?

NEWT were out today, clearing the pond at the bunk on Leverhulme Park. Our usual team were joined by Sue, Sabrina and Sky today and the girls had great fun collecting pine cones and helping to build the dead hedge. Both of them also had a go with our GoPro camera as you can see from the video above.

Chris was in the water in waders today and he dragged out 4 tyres amongst other things. I tell you, if you wish to lose your own 'Spare tyre', I'm talking midriff here, then get down to help us out as its a pretty good work out.

It was the day after storm Brian but Chris had been out to recce the site and make sure it was safe. We were quite secluded from the elements although our flasks of coffee and soup came in handy. The end of the event was clearing the site of fly-tipping and litter. It certainly looks a whole lot better now. Good work NEWT and thank you to our most welcome volunteers!

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