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Great minds think and act alike...

Clearing fly tipping does not sound like a glamorous affair but when you get to meet like minded people on a Sunday morning who care about their environment and community, it is a real joy. The Litter Pickers of North Bolton and Bolton Green Umbrella turned out in force today and we cleared a huge amount of rubbish from New House Farm playing field.

The number of different items just thrown onto the field was astounding and with around 15 volunteers we managed to achieve a great deal. The hay bale hooks and trolley came in very handy for removing the mattresses, even if Simon did look like Captain Hook!

The birds were certainly very interested in the movement of the rubbish as they circled and swooped over the area.

110+ bags of litter, three mattresses and 2 bins were removed from the fields, amongst other miscellaneous items. A huge thank you from Bolton NEWT to: Jean, Eileen, Phil, Posh Bob, Pauline, Barb, Lesley, Ian, Andy, Jeanette, Adele, Nichola and Adele. (I hope I haven't missed anyone out!)

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