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"If you prise, I'll pull!"

What a glorious day to be hedge laying: a bright blue sky and crisp clear air. This was our second event, venturing into this ancient and sculptural art. Chris and Simon had done some essential work in the week trimming back the branches to expose the trees to be laid. This allowed the volunteers to experience the interesting part of cutting and laying.

We were joined by Rob, Adele and Jane today. Rob popped along first and worked with Simon, cutting and laying. This is when such phrases as "If you prise, I'll pull!' could be heard behind the hedge.

Adele and Jane had been with The Litter Pickers of North Bolton earlier in the morning and they arrived ready to get cracking. Adele and I worked on one section whilst Jane, Simon and Rob worked on another. Chris was tutoring, chopping and supervising to make sure that the gradients were accurate.

Note to self: bobble hats are not part of the hedge laying equipment/clothing, as hawthorn becomes very attached to it. In fact hawthorn is in love with bobble hats. Absolutely crucial safety equipment for hedge laying: goggles, knee pads and gloves. All volunteers were equipped with these on the task.

Brews were provided all round by one of my alter-egos ('Tea lady' - I'm like Mrs O from Acorn Antiques, I tell you.) It was lovely to talk with Adele about local politics, Rob about our joint profession, teaching (we have never met before but we have joint acquaintances - its a small world!) and Jane about art projects. Like minded people tend to have link minded interests, maybe...

What a beautiful hedge we are creating for the habitats of wildlife on New House Farm. They'll need it in this wind!

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