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Funky wetland bunk

Wow, what a change to the wetland bunk on Leverhulme park. NEWT have been working on this area for a while but this week we have gone full steam ahead, in preparation for our Easter event on Monday.

On Sunday 25th NEWT members were joined by Tracy, Amanda and Simon to clear and organise the trees felled by Bolton council. Logs had been left behind for edging to the paths as well as seating. Our new log lifters came in handy and everyone set to task to tidy up the area.

Peter (photographer) popped along to say hi and stopped for a brew. He said he would donate to NEWT if Chris gave him a kiss! And Chris was most forthcoming (pic below).

On the Monday Simon, Chris and Simon came back to move all of the wood chippings, no mean feat. They laid it all out along the paths and did a fabulous job.

Then today Simon (Ray Mears 2), Chris and myself came along to try a few things out ready for the event: erecting the tarpaulins, getting wood ready for the fire and of course making a trial fire! Grrrrr grrrrr (out in the open air making fire growls) on which we roasted haribo bears, in the absence of marshmallows (they go very gooey).

All in all it is looking very funky and ready for the community to enjoy on Monday!

Here's the video from last Sunday:

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