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Marshalling marshmallows - NEWT's Easter community event

The NEWTs woke up Easter Monday

The rain and the snow meant no funday

So we cancelled event

And pulled down our tent

Had our fingers crossed twice for the Thursday

The day came along with a spring!

The sun shone bright: Ding-a-Ling!

So we carted our ‘junk’

To the wetland bunk

And set up the raffle and things

At first a few folks trundled in

All waiting for us to begin

Then along came the hoards

Who had followed our boards

Like the Pied Piper had drawn them all in!

The egg hunt went off with a storm

Kids all over the park like a swarm

Nearly all eggs were found

Whilst crawling around

Thank goodness the weather was warm

The pebble art got nice and messy

Luckily no-one had come too dressy!

With a splodge and a splash

The whole of our stash

Was placed round the park. Where? Who’d guessy? (sorry)

The marshmallow toasting was ace

Each child enjoyed stuffing their face

The raffle was drawn

The prizes were won

A huge thank you to all! Happy days!

The event could not have gone ahead without the kind donations from the local community, Morrisons, NEWT families and The Queens pub, Little Lever. Over 150 people attended! THANK YOU!

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