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Squish, Squash, Splat!

NEWTs event today was clearing more debris and deadwood from the Wetland Bunk on Leverhulme Park as well as our first foray into clay woodland crafts.

We were first joined by Andy, Naomi, Harris and Rohan. The boys got stuck into the clay and made a model of dad (Andy) and a monkey. Then along came Caroline and Jackson and Harris made Jackson a hedgehog. All three boys then squelched around in the mud and Rohan fell over a few times. Fantastic! Meanwhile Andy worked with Chris and Simon to clear the branches and start to make a dead hedge.

A little later Kayleigh, Jack and James trundled in and they made two animals: Tumbles and Rudolph. Crazy pieces! These were then hidden in the trees.

The adult volunteers made great headway, clearing the area and built a beautiful staked dead hedge to tidy up the debris. We found some fungi growing on a dead tree and had fun following the tracks that the deer had made through the park. It was a beautiful day in the end and well worth, getting outside and getting messy.

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