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Get a grip in 'big boy pants'

After an evening searching for bats, testing out our new bat detector, ready for a proper bat survey, we moseyed down to the wetland bunk to continue with one of our projects on Leverhulme Park. The plan for the day was to trawl the water for rubbish and debris as well as remove and chop up a rhododendron which had fallen over and was across the water near the hill.

John joined us for the day and regaled us with stories of canvassing as he had been helping Adele out for a few weeks. He really got stuck in and had a great time sawing down the rhododendron and using the loppers to chop the branches up.

Chris donned his 'big boy pants', as Adele had anointed them (sort of waterproof dungarees with built in waders), and dragged out tyres and assorted other rubbish from the water. Why can't people get a grip and dispose of these item responsibly? The number of tyres we have removed from various waterways!

Naomi, Andy, Rohen and Harris popped along to say hi and Harris helped me drag one of the rhododendron branches out of the wetland to where we were chopping them up, no mean feat. Simon as always worked like a trooper to clear the area and make it look tidy.

We had a lovely barbecue for dinner. Luckily the rain from the morning subsided and we enjoyed the warmth of the day and the kebabs and burgers. More clearing and chopping in the afternoon and this area of the bunk is turning out to be quite a beauty spot. How lucky we are to have this park on our doorsteps, a real hive of wildlife!

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