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Community Groups ROCK together

Today the Bolton/Bury 'Pebble Art Rocks' group joined Bolton NEWT for a rocktastic pebble art event, interspersed with some Balsam bashing in Leverhulme Park. a myriad of paints, brushes and prepared pebbles were laid out for families to come along and decorate. Pebble art has really taken off across the country with creators then hiding their pebbles for others to find. The Pebble Art Rocks (PAR) Facebook group is a hugely popular community of like-minded people, keen on getting kids to explore their creative side as well as getting out and about for walks and adventures.

Jenny, Lyndsey, Natalie and Emma were fantastic at encouraging the kids to get involved and many families just strolling by in the park mooched along to join in. The atmosphere was playful and the kids really enjoyed getting messy and making their own creations.

Bolton NEWT members Chris, Adele, Simon and myself (Jasmine) helped organise the event, including providing many of the materials and it was a joy to see so many people involved and enjoying themselves.

The balsam bashing was a hit with the kid also as they (safely) slashed their way through this invasive plant along the sides of the park. Many of the parents were interested in the environmental aspect of this task and ably supported and supervised their children. It was great to be out and about and physically make a difference.

The event was a fantastic success and we look forward to another in 2 weeks and then third, t weeks after that. Come along and ROCK!!

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