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NEWT and PAR do Parklife!

There is something about painting a pebble that captures the imagination: a microcosm on a rock; an expression of the yourself; a celebration of a character you love. And then waiting for it to dry, outside, having fun, playing games, talking to other people in the park, running free and enjoying the moment.

This was the event today, members of Bolton NEWT joining with Pebble Art Rocks volunteers to nourish creativity and encourage messiness. What a beautiful day it was, interspersed with balsam bashing and looking after our precious park.

One boy commented: "No I don't want to go, I want to stay here and help the environment!" - and he did stay. Another chirped up "I love doing activities!" after having had a go juggling and throwing rubber hoops over a post. Some of the 'older people played bowls and soaked up the atmosphere.

Memories are made in parks, whether it's walking the dog, playing with our mates, our first kiss, breathing in the fresh air, speaking to people from our community or running around and being silly. This is why the members of Bolton NEWT are so passionate about caring for Leverhulme Park, given to the people of Bolton by Lord Leverhulme, with the prime purpose of nurturing the well-being of the local residents.

"All the people

So many people

And they all go hand-in-hand

Hand-in-hand through their park life"


Come and explore your 'park life' at our next event on Leverhulme Park on the 17th June.


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