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Please don't send me flowers - come to our park

After a morning of further balsam bashing, (I know in this heat!), with Rob and John joining in to push back the invading plant, Bolton NEWT led an afternoon of flower ID on Leverhulme park. It was lovely to see Ray (Butterfly man) and Joy again, as well as Paul and Kitty who came along to join in the fun.

Even in just a short walk, down the hill towards the meadow we have a great time identifying the summer blooms. With books, guides and maps abound we were able to to name the plants on the way and also look up some of their interesting facts.

Here are a selection of flowers we identified on the park this time.

Hoary Willow Herb



Common knapweed

Common storksbill

Musk mallow

Common toadflax


Rosebay willowherb

Sweet cicely - has a lovely aniseed smell

Yellow rattle

We had a gorgeous time chatting about wildlife, flowers and butterflies and the atmosphere was nice and relaxed, just about enjoying nature in our abundant, beautiful park.

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