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Planting daffodils and Community Engagement

Today's task was a little low on numbers, Adele was in Nottingham doing a 5k run to raise money for the British Legion, Jasmine was still recovering from our Halloween event, Jess was exhausted from his new job and Siân had already come all the way from Manchester to help on the Halloween event but accidentaly came on the wrong day! Today's task was run by Simon, myself and Dave. The money that NEWT raised from donations at the Halloween event was used to purchase daffys which we then planted along the Bolton to Bury cycle lane.

However on the day, it was Simon who did most of the volunteer work as I spent almost all of the day speaking to the public who wanted to learn more about the tasks we did and what exactly it meant to be a volunteer ranger. We had two new potential volunteers who helped plant a few bulbs with lots of eager questions about wildlife and how they could become a volunteer ranger and we also had a big donation of tulips and daffys from local residents Norman and his wife. Jasmine even popped by in the afternoon with brews, cupcakes and some pasties for NEWT's dinner which was greatly appreciated.

The community feedback we get from the local community along the Bolton to Bury Cycle Lane is outstanding. People appreciate the differance that the volunteers have made to their local area and when NEWT works in area in which the public thank the volunteers it makes all the differance to us.

There is a real community spirit in this part of Breightmet and it's a privilege to be invovled in it. We hope to see some new volunteers on our next task date Sunday the 2nd December. See you then hopefully!

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