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The hedge-laying WAY - (meaning of life)

The NEWT team were out on New House Farm today, hedge-laying. Simon, Jasmine, Adele and Chris were joined by Jess, Carolyn and Barbara completed the laying of the hawthorn hedge with skills and finesse. As usual there was lots of banter about the best ways of hedge-laying and how invigorating it was to work outside, especially when warmed by broccoli and stilton soup, made by Adele’s fair hand.

The morning started with a discussion about philosophy, psychology and the purpose of life but it soon became apparent, that the only WAY was hedge-laying.

Clear the debris that stands in your path

Snip back the tendrils to gain a clear view

Sight the aim of your first cut

Move in with care, thorns are out to snag you

Place the blade with thought and precision

The angle of the slice is essential

Thrust and drag with purpose

Feel the dust come away to reveal the perfect mark

Hammer in the wedge with deft strokes

Now comes the judgment:

How much to pull the branch or prise

Here comes the crack! as the wood splits to give way

The ends need to be tidied and tended

So the plant does not rot and die

For the purpose of hedge-laying

Is to perpetuate life and nuture new growth

For that is the hedge-laying WAY

Thank you to all the volunteers that attended the event today. We look forward to many more this year.

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