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Hedge planting with SS Osmunds & Andrews

On March the 28th Bolton NEWT teamed up with the children from SS Osmunds and Andrews and the schools Eco Club to plant four hedgerow packs kindly donated by the Woodland Trust at the Iron Bridge on the Bolton to Bury Cycle Lane. The Furness building society granted Bolton NEWT £150 funding for the purchase of trowels, modelling clay and clipboards, to which we owe a big thank you to Shirley at Horwich Furness Building Society for supporting this day's event.

The children not only planted hedgerows that will enhance the wildlife corridor and provide a safe place for hedgehogs many years from now but they also got their hands mucky making clay models of animals, their footprints and even their droppings. Councillor Warren kindly bought and provided drinks and some snacks for the children as the day finished with a search and find to discover wildflower plants and birds they could find on the Bolton to Bury Cycle Lane. At the end of the day as NEWT stayed on site to carry out a little management of the habitats, some of the children returned with their parents to show them the trees they had planted and the work they had done. This type of event really embodies how Bolton NEWT aims to bring together multiple organizations to bring about real change for our local green spaces that benefits everyone and leaves the children with a positive impression of what it means to not only care for our local environment but to be a part of protecting and enhancing our local environment.

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