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The only constant is change

As the old saying says - the only constant is change and there is nothing quite like nature, working with and being with nature to experience this first hand. Whether it is the germinating of a tiny seed or the storm blowing down trees or the birdsong drifting on the wind, change is all around us all of the time.

At Bolton NEWT we work with the seasons and now is the time for growth. At the event yesterday we tended to our new tree saplings that had been 'changed' by local horses pulling them out. They are now back in place, just as they were when the local children from the primary school joined NEWT to plant them. How wondrous to see them develop and grow over time, just as the children will also.

Old trees were crown lifted so that more light could fall on the new ones and it really tidied up the place. The dead branches were moved to create a dead hedge, which form a habitat for little creatures in the undergrowth. Thus they became part of the cycle of life-death-life, always evident in nature. We can learn from this natural pattern and sometimes this can allow us to accept thecycle in our own lives.

And towards second half of the day new bulbs and seeds were planted, kindly donated by Sam Connor. These should provide the changing colour as the summer progresses. Also a thank you must got to Lesley who gave us some cuttings and shrubs for the area. This beautiful spot, the site of the old footbridge, over the railway, that once was, is flourishing with the aid of NEWT and volunteers. Thank you to Simon, Chris, Jasmine, Adele and Jodie who attended the event today. We look forward to the fruits of our labours and the changes about come.

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