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Be sure of your aim...

Today's Bolton NEWT event was soft archery and balsam bashing. We also managed to fit in some wire figure making and stone skimming to round off the fun.

Archery is an interesting discipline of posture, focus, strength and practice. A small adjustment here and there, focusing the mind and body and then shooting for the target can demonstrate how both key parts of you are intertwined in achieving your goals.

Take sight of your target

Stand firm on the land

Strong roots are essential

To guiding your hand

Be sure of your aim

And focus the mind

For where you direct

The arrow will find....

Alongside the archery, volunteers took up their weed whackers and attacked the himalayan balsam with vigour. What a great way to relieve stress and have fun by decimating this invasive plant. The native plant life on Leverhulme Park love you guys!

After a bit of dinner, some people picked litter, some made wire figures and others went on a walk and did some stone skimming on the river. It was a glorious day of outdoor activities and thank you to everyone involved!!

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