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Conserving the meadow at Leverhulme Park

What a great turnout today at Bolton NEWT's event on Leverhulme Park. The main aim of the day was to collect yellow rattle and continue to conserve the wildflower meadow from encroaching trees.

The soft archery is an activity we offer on the side, to allow kids and their parents to have a bit of competitve fun on the park. People often stay to have a chat about NEWT and find out what we do as a group.

Leanne, Chris, Betty and Simon worked tirelessly to clear and chop up the trees today. We also had quite a troop of young volunteers came along to join in the fun.

Jasmine made one of the youngsters a wire hot air balloon sculpture on request, He proudly strapped it to his bicycle, before he left at the end of the day.

It was also fabulous to have a visit from Clayton and his ferret Floyd, who had great fun rootling around in the undergrowth and loved being petted by the visitors.

We hope that you can a come along to our next event: Art on the Park, next Friday 9th August 11-3pm, next to the cable slide on the park.

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