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We care

The word care is defined in the dictionary as: foster, look after, protect, watch, guard. This is one of primary purposes of Bolton NEWT: to foster and look after our outdoor places, for people to enjoy and flourish. We also aim to protect the environment by clearing undergrowth, making habitats for wildlife and helping to nurture places where animals can thrive.

Yesterday on Leverhulme Park, the usual crew (Simon, Chris, Jasmine and Adele) were ably assisted by our dedicated volunteers: Leanne and Betty to rake and clear two pitch and putt holes ready for sewing yellow rattle and wildflower seeds. The yellow rattle is a parasitic plant which naturally supresses the growth of the grass such that that flowers can root and blossom. It was a very hot day but we managed to complete this task in the morning, just before our picnic under the trees.

To care is also defined as to cherish and treasure and with our Halloween event in October, we aim to show how much we care about the people of Breightmet, as we stage another Spooktacular extravaganza for all ages! With this in mind, from the trees we had cleared to protect the wildflower meadow, we collected more wooden wands to decorate as gifts for the children to this event. We have all been involved in decorating them over the past few weeks and still have a number to make. Its all good fun and part of the diversity of activities in Bolton NEWT.

Here are some of the wands we made last year and a photo of our team busy making accessories for the Halloween event.

So if your interested in caring for the environment, caring for the people of Bolton by being involved in events or are of an arty nature, joining us at Bolton NEWT is for you! Spare as much or as little time as you can and you will reap the rewards found in giving back to others.

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