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What's the point? - Hay ho, off we go!

Today Bolton NEWT volunteers: Leanne, Dave, Chris, Simon and Jasmine were on Leverhulme Park raking the meadow, ready to plant Yellow Rattle, prior to the sewing of wildflowers.

The grass was raked onto tarpaulins and then dragged under some of the trees on the sides. This is back breaking work, but great for fitness and worthwhile in the long run.

We were joined by Jodie and Kirsty and their 4 children, who had great fun throwing the hay onto the sheet. Hay ho, off we go!! was coined by Leanne and much fun was had.

A fellow and his dog stopped by for a chat. His opening line was "What's the point" and then went on to say that he had heard all the trees are dying and so there's no point in doing our work. After quite a chat with us and explanations from Chris about all the conservation work we do in the area, he went away a little more educated and said that we should encourage more children to learn about the environment - which, of course, we do! There is no stopping Bolton NEWT, we a committed group of local people, helping to make he local area a better place in which to live. :-)

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