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NEWT Halloween Spooktacular 2019

Wooooooooooo woooooooo woooooooo! What a fantastic turnout for our second ever Halloween Event for the children of Breightmet and Bolton. With over 250 people attending, it was enjoyed by even more people than last year.

We started setting up at 3pm and luckily the heavens held off to allow is to prepare the spooky extravaganza. We had stalls for nimbus broom making, clay craft, paper craft, tuck shop, pumpkin competition as well as 3 amazing projection entertainment areas and treasure hunt along the path.

Months of hard work was coming to fruition as we have been busy collecting brush for the brooms, making hand crafted wands for the children, securing funding for the event and making bespoke video for the projections.

When 6pm arrived loads of scarily clad children (and parents) arrived to enjoy the show and action. The broom making area was busy all evening with Simon and Alex expertly making brooms for each child.

The Halloween witch (Adele) handed out the beautiful wands in the tuck shop stall, ably assisted by volunteers who were brilliant all evening.

Leanne manned the NEWT table and pumpkin competition, dressed as a hallowed devil.

Sue’s paper craft stall was a great hit with children making owls, bats and ghost puppets to wear on their wrists.

Jasmine looked after the clay craft area which was very busy with spooky creators large and small. Behind her there were sounds of zombies and monsters in the woods.

The projections were absolutely spectacular! The mastermind behind these, as well as the whole event was Chris. He himself organised, made, ordered, carted, carved, edited innumerable items for the event, led by his passion for making Bolton a better place. And goodness did the little ones have a fabulous time. Here are a couple of his projections, designed specifically for this event.

A HUGE thank you goes to (in no particular order):

Adele Warren, Christopher Banks, Jasmine Renold, Simon Gilkes , Leanne Padmore, Jodie, Susan, Donna Northmore, Jo, Syl, Alex, Liam, Si, Paddy, Noo, James, Dave, and Martin. And thank you to Clarion Futures for helping to fun the event. We also had many donations from members of the public and volunteers.

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