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Deep and crisp and even

A crisp clear morning greeted the NEWT team as we trundled through Leverhulme Park with our trailer of tools.

Our task today was clearing the Wetland bunk area. A bit of crown lifting a bit of wood cutting. The off cuts we collected ready to make Christmas decorations and elf houses for our Christmas event on the 21st.

After chopping a piece of wood Jasmine noticed that a tiny city had been created:

Betty joined us for lunch of Chris’s homemade vegetable soup and then we cracked on with chopping up the crown lifted branches to feed into the dead hedge so we left the area tidy for the public to enjoy.

Simon, as ever, was on the look out for photo opportunities as we were working. He has such a keen eye for great shots...

Jasmine, trying to keep the fire going, kept prodding it and feeding it. It nearly died. Then when left alone, it flourished and came life. Philosophical lesson of the day: leave things alone and they can often take care of themselves.......

It was fantastic to be outside with like minded people and enjoy the fresh air!

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