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A fruitful morning - planting an orchard on Leverhulme Park

It was a real pleasure today for Bolton NEWT, joined by local volunteers, to plant 10 more fruit trees on Leverhulme Park today. Making Leverhulme Park home to one of the largest public Orchards in Bolton.

The trees were donated by a local resident who spent much of his childhood on the park. He regaled us with times he spent on the mini golf course in his youth and how he used to get so far until he threw down his club and went running off into the woods to play and explore. A recent donation from Cosatto allowed us to purchase the steel guards for the trees and the stakes to hold them in place.

The weather was perfect for the trees to take as it rained most of the morning. They are properly erected with stakes and metal cages to protect them, similar to the ones planted with City of Trees, last month. The trees included varieties of pear, apple and plum and we hope they give fruitful harvests in years to come.


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