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Blackshaw Primary tree planting with Bolton NEWT

Today we held our Woodland trust hedgerow planting session with Blackshaw Primary School.

The free community pack consists of 120 hedgerow trees, but then we required; gloves for the kids, trowels, spades, bulb planters, bamboo canes, wraps, first aid kit and as a thank you drinks and Haribo for when the kids finished.

The pack of Hawthorn, Dogwood, Crab Apple and Hazel was planted as an extension of the previous hedgerow planted by a local primary school, eventually producing nuts, berries and apples for wildlife. In the coming years we hope the hedge grows thick enough to be layed on it's side, which is another task in of itself, the children learned about the importance of staggering the planting to prevent gaps and how we needed to spread the saplings so that we didn't create a bulk of hawthorn, bulk of Hazel but instead a rich and diverse mix.

A big thank you Becky, George, Dave, Jenny, the parents who volunteered and the teachers for working in partnership with us at Bolton NEWT to help provide these educational, hands on sessions with nature, making Leverhulme Park not just a Park but the children's Park. As a final note for any parents, the class was really well behaved, polite and listened to our talk, a really great group of children.


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