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Darcy Lever Community Orchard - Leverhulme Park

As part of the funding under our 'Houses to Homes' project for Leverhulme Park, funded under the GMEF green spaces project, we had pledged to plant a community orchard. Obviously this wasn't possible in early 2023 because of the vast amount of purchasing stock, planning the years tasks and ensuring almost £20,000 of grant was used to the most effective manner we could. So finally in December, only days from the end of the project the Orchard was completed.

Two year old stock of apple, plum and pear was selected, the ground being reasonably well drained and most importantly lacking rubble or rock, we choose an area in the Darcy Lever side of Leverhulme Park for the two planting sessions. Reinforced with two gigantic posts and a steel cage to protect from vandalism and rogue deer chomping away, the trees have been given a very good opportunity to flourish in this new Orchard.

A total of fifteen trees have been planted that will provide edible (no need to cook) food grown in our park for anyone and everyone to grab and eat on the go. Any spoiled fruit grown on the trees will be snapped up by local wildlife. Now that's all left to do is wait for them to establish, grow and grow. Thank you to the volunteers for giving up their time and this will make 3 Orchards at Leverhulme Park with a total of 50 fruit trees!


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