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Dragged through a hedge backwards!

Today Bolton NEWT were out on New House Farm playing fields practising the ancient art of hedge laying. Chris, Simon, Del, Jasmine and Leanne were joined by enthusiastic volunteers Karen and Gavin to sculpt the hedge ready for it to thrive in the spring ready for new habitats for the local wildlife.

Del kept getting her hair tangled in the twigs and this made a glorious bouffant in her head!

We had potato and leek soup cooked over a fire and lots of merriment whilst chatting.

The strangest and most fabulous thing happened when Karen said that she could really use a bow saw to made the cuts for the laying, we just had pruning saws. Then a moment later a chap drives up in car and gets out with a bow saw and an axe and said to us “could you use these?”. We nearly fell over in shock. Thank you universe!!


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