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Hedge Enough

It was NEWT's third and final hedgelaying task for the year and the final stretch of the hedge to lay outside SS Osmunds and Andrews. NEWT volunteers, myself, Simon and Karen took to the task in what was a dull overcast day that involved sporadic rain.

Thankfully Adele and Jasmine called by with brews, biscuits, hot tea and even sandwiches. As the afternoon came, we noticed a little mischievous face that would randomly appear at first in the field, then closer to us behind a tree before finally making their way too us.

By 3:30 we had finished the hedge, taken an abundance of the cut hedge and threaded it carefully back into the layed hedge to fill in the gaps. After we roughly calculated how much hedge had been laid, it amounted to roughly 85 feet of hedge. That's 85 feet which will within two years grow berries and 85 feet that can be used by nesting birds, even little tiddles wouldn't be able to reach the birds in these thick nests. Next month we'll be back at Leverhulme Park working on the restoration of a lost wetland.

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