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Magical Winter Forest 2022

Newt returned with our 'Magical Winter Forest' event thanks to grant funding from Forever Manchester. This allows us to cover the cost of hosting the event to bring people together while ensuring we can keep the day free for the community. Months of planning are needed for the two-hour event, and on the day four cars with full loads had been required to bring all the needed presents, food, equipment, tables and gazebos down to the event location.

Despite the ice, cold and threat of rain, it was all worth the effort by the volunteers as between 250 and 300 people attended the event. Had the weather been better, we believe as many as 350 to 400 people could have attended the Christmas event.

Alun kindly managed the roasting of the marshmallows, going through ten large bags, a family favourite which has become a tradition for NEWT to host at our Christmas event.

During the event we went through hundreds of mince pies, hundreds of gingerbread men which the kids decorated with flavoured icing and iced googly eyes, we then handed out almost 200 hot chocolates with mini marshmallows. The word hunt led to us giving out 160 gingerbread pop a crayons and, thanks to a kind donation from Bolton At Home, we handed out 160 selection boxes as prizes. The unexpected surprise of the event was Jasmine's karaoke, which was a brilliant addition to the event and something which only came about on the very morning of the event.

Adele being Adele, she went out of her way to make a lovely donation to the community of 200 biscuits, reindeer cones for the tombola, Santa keys, reindeer food and even wool toys.

At the end of the event we had 40 selection boxes which we donated to Alun who then provided them to the children at the Elderdale Centre. The event was only possible due to the amazing volunteers; Fiona, James, Neve, Alex, Adele, Stuart, Becky, Elliott, George, Jasmine, Jodie, Alun, June, Sue, Dave, Chris and the lads from the allotments who helped us pack up. Merry Christmas from all of us at Bolton NEWT and here's a video of the day, enjoy!


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