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Mud and wellies - Happy New Year from Bolton NEWT!

Today the NEWT crew were joined by Paul, Nieve and James to squelch around in mud laying an overgrown section of Alder trees that had encrouched into the lodge. Leverhulme Park was the venue, just on the lodge near Blenheim Road. Alder can become very invasive if not carefully managed but it can also be beneficial for birds such as the Goldfinch that feed on it's early produced seeds.

Loppers, pruning saws, axes, a battery powered chainsaw and bill hooks were the tools of the day. The Alder trees we could save, we hedgelayed into the deadhedge, by the summer new shoots will have begun to grow and due to them being on the North side we can leave them to grow for many years to come. The various dead branches were then lopped and woven into the hedge to make a habitat for amphibians on the park. The new deadhedge acts as a buffer zone and defining line, any new shoots in future inside the deadhedge boundary will be removed, this will help to mark the pond edges with any tree growth outside the area left to establish.

Although the weather was warm, it became rather wet and soggy but it is always great to meet with like minded people to make a difference to the area and then feel the contrast when you get home and wrap up in the warm with a nice cuppa.

Happy New Year to all from Bolton NEWT!!


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