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Regrowth through hacking and slashing

Newt returned for our 2nd of 3 visits to the hedgerow outside SS Osmunds and Andrews. As the work began we started by freeing the Hawthorn which had become tangled into each other so that they could be layed.

The laid hedge will promote new growth and within two years fruting berries on the Hawthorn. During the task we had a local resident thank us for the work we're doing and another resident share their concerns that the hedge was devastated by our work, before they walked off and then threw an abundance of litter off their property and into the street, which ever so slightly underminded their apparent concern for the environment. During the task, it's important to clear the work site of dog fouling for the volunteers, as per our risk assesment for each site we visit. However, when stepping outside of the work area and laying down across the ground, the end result should have been obvious, a gigantic knee full of dog mess for me, that only became apparent when I was stood around the campfire much to the amusment of everyone.

Thankfully the majority of the public appreciate the hardwork and volunteer time that local residents have given to improve our environment here in Breightmet, the vast majority don't throw dog poo into the bush or let their dogs foul in our public places. Within two years the hedgerow will be thriving with bird activity, nesting birds and we'll have provided a new food source via the berries (as the yearly growth is no longer wasted in the industrial coppice).


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