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Sport in the Park (rain in the park)

Building on the success of our June event, we hosted a 'sport in the park' event for July, unfortunately the old rule of hosting community events never changes, if it rains, you're guaranteed to lose at least 70% of people who might have attended. The day started with rain and overcast skies, but we persevered and hosted the event as scheduled.

The rain fell constantly throughout the event, but that didn't stop people attending, we estimated we had at least 100 people attend and quite honestly we were surprised we even managed that many with the weather being so bad.

Regardless of the bad weather, we managed to print 1,000 flyers and distribute them to local primary schools, on the back of the flyers we included important information about the decline of butterflies and how people can help support the declining insect numbers by making butterfly feeding tables in their garden along with leaving a patch of nettles.

By 1pm and with an hour to go, the heavens opened up, it became so bad we called the event early and cancelled as everyone began to leave. A massive thank you to all the amazing volunteers who put the event together and gave up their afternoon to do something positive for the community in Breightmet. Let's hope with fingers crossed that in future, rain, rain goes away and comes again another day.


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