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drone and videos

Drone - 2017

We hope you all enjoy seeing one of Bolton's best parks, Leverhulme Park, from a whole new perspective. A big thank you to our wonderful NEWT member Natalie Worthington for arranging this to happen.

Roe Deer - 2017

The Roe Deer roam from Moses Gate through Leverhulme Park and up to Seven Acres and Longsight Park in what is known as a 'home range'.

Crows & Squirrels

Disney lied, they are not best friends.


Leverhulme Park

Long Lane

Leverhulme Park was donated to the people of Bolton by, and named after, the late Lord Leverhulme. The park is bounded by the Breightmet, Darcy Lever and Tonge with the Haulgh. Since its earlier days as simply a park, Leverhulme Park has diversified. It is now home to a community centre, gym, an athletics stadium and five-a-side football pitches. It was also the home to the Bolton Show which ran intermittently for more than fifty years.

North East Wildlife Trail

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