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Garstang Hub

The site is owned by Bolton At Home and through partnership work we have transformed the land into a thriving

community hub. There are no private plots, all the land is treated as a community growing site and any surplus food is

donated to food banks. The projects can vary from building a small bridge to creating wands for children to creating

a Remembrance Display for the Breightmet community.

If you enjoy food growing, wood working, would like to do something positive for your community or you'd simply

like a good natter and a brew. The Garstang Hub is the place to be, we are open:

Every Wednesday from 4pm till 7pm and every Saturday from 11am till at least 2pm

Simply come on site, the gates will be open, Garstang Hub, Adjacent to 82/84 Garstang Avene


'Garstang Hub' is our base where we plan, store and develop our community projects. Ranging from simple rewilding or food growing to creating woodwork projects for the community.

If you would like to follow 'Garstang Hub' on FaceBook simply click the 'like' button on the right hand side.


North East Wildlife Trail

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